Italian manufacturer and world leader in the production of lightweight aluminum rims for sports cars. In our online shop you will find the right rim for your car!


3 Month


7 Members


Design + Development

  • Magento 2



We were hired to redesign exist site were built on OpenCart software. Client had lot of requirements to improve functionality related to new business flows in their company. Magento were chosed because site needs to be integrated to different 3rd parties, mostly custom services with not public API.

Website needs to be modern, adaptive to mobile devices
and be ready to extend.


Common user picture – car owners who loved their cars and want improve their vehicles with quality wheels. Site should allow quick and fast find a wheels or tires based on car manufacturer and model.

Project Challenges

Site was need to be integrated with custom old POS system. There was no clear API documentation we were able to use. We was need to dig into source code of this system to be able connect our data. It was good experience, by the way.
We also was need to import all history from old website to the new Magento database. Website had over 25k of orders history and we wrote custom import to import data to the new database.
One of the interested part of the project was implementing new 2 level caching system.

Results and Benefits

Client received new modern and power tool to their business, which can support and grow business long years from now.
POS system integrated to the new website and its a good example how old and new software can communicate each other.
Responsive website now will increase conversion rates for mobile device users. Traffic from this type of devices now reach 70% based on analytics for this website.
Respond time to load website downsized 2x times in comparison with old website.

Clients Feedback